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Horse Salt Licks - Natural Animal Feed Supplements
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Starline Enterprises are the large scale manufacturer and world wide exporter of Himalayan Salt Licks for Horses and all other animals. Our salt licks are 100% hand carved from the specific Himalayan salt rocks containing high level of natural minerals and trace elements which horses, livestock and all other animals do require for their salt nutrition and mineral supplements at all ages.
Starline Enterprises Himalayan salt licks are one great source of nutrients for horses, cows, sheep and camels. They are extremely hard, making them very weather resistant and difficult for the horse and cattle to bite chunks off, which is what often happens with the softer, pressed salt licks. Each lick comes ready with a handy rope to allow it to be hung on a gate, fence, trough, tree and even in truck while traveling with your horse.

Call us for your any wholesale or bulk orders and enjoy the premier quality salt licks marketing from Starline Enterprises, at lovely prices, 100% after sale service and 100% beck end support

Himalajan suolakivi hevoselle, Himalajsko soljo liže za konje


Horse Salt Licks - Natural Animal Feed Supplements
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Horse Salt Licks - Himalayan Rock Salt Horse Licks